Advance Aqua Tanks® presents the creative solution for displaying potted plants. The Potted Plants Rack is throughfully designed and engineered to offer a wide range of advantages that makes it the clear althernative to other forms of displays.

The multi-tiered, modular display rack for aquatic potted plants.

The Potted Plants Rack's efficient, multi-tiered design not only optimizes the space within your tank to provide greater visibility fo all your aquatic plants, but also makes your plants more appealing and attractive to your customers. It's construction is both modular and versatile to meet all your needs. If you hvae a 36" or 60" tank, our 18" model will fit right in and display up to 18 potted plants. If you have a 24" or 48" tank, our 24" model will do the trick while displaying up to 24 potted plants. Either way, you will have the security knowing that the Potted Plants Rack is constructed from 2/16' black ABS plastic which makes it durable and rugged.  This not only makes it long-lasting, but also protects your plants from unnecessary damage

The Potted Plant Rack also makes tank clean-up and cleanliness a snap. Since it requires no gravel,, you are freed from the hassles and mess of gravel clearn-up. In addition, its vented design increases circulation throughout your tank.


Model 18 (17-1/2" x 9" x 6")

Model 24 (23-1/2" 9" x 6")

Suction Cup (Replacement)


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